The very foundation of Pro Marine Services is its partners. Our team of Masters, Engineers, Trainee Masters and Mates are all actively working as professional mariners. All of the team have a practical hands on approach to problem solving in the marine industry. Our underpinning commitment to each other is one of safety and respect. We extend that credo to our clients.

Together we have boldly forged our partnership in the testing environment of the worlds busiest bulk port in Port Hedland, Western Australia. The high pressure, demanding work environment brings out the best in our operators.

Our role has been one of a training partnership and all port operators have benefited from contact with Pro Marine Services. Pro Marine Services has seized this opportunity and offers ongoing consultancy in this specialist field.



As Professional Mariners and problem solvers, integrity is paramount. We do what we say we are going to do. Many of the Pro Marine Services partners have previous experience in State and Federal law enforcement where the highest level security clearances were vetted and granted. Our integrity and confidentiality is without question.


We will always conduct ourselves in a way that will provide success for your business and ours.


We fulfil our objectives by innovation, careful planning and considered execution.


With over 35,000 hours of active vessel operations having been completed, Pro Marine Services is constantly refining and improving its safety systems to ensure that maritime industry best practice is implemented and exceeded.

Whilst all reporting conditions are adhered to, we go further with our Safety Zone initiative. All our people operate within the Safety Zone and we have each others backs. Safety is discussed and acted upon as the bedrock of our values. If anyone is seen to be outside the Zone, they are challenged and brought back in.

By engaging Pro Marine Services you will be included in our Safety Zone.